Hot Leads
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Get sales meetings directly on your calendar. Trim the fat off your marketing budget and go straight to the decision maker. Never worry about new business again.

Human Interaction is back in Style

Video Messages

We send personalized video messages to your prospects, addressing them by their name or having their site on our screen.

Realtime Reporting

Get notified when a new leads come in with lead scores and a sorting system that will help you focus on what's important.

Cutting Edge Tactics

Our 6+ years of B2B Lead Generation experience means we're on the forefront of innovation & technology.

Turnkey Sales

Our white glove servicing takes care of the entire process, from start to finish.
  • Expertise and Strategy
  • World Class Messaging
  • Creative and radical solutions for every campaign
  • AI Proprietary Video Message technology to create human relationships at scale
  • Dedicated Account Manager, on the clock and on call
  • Lead Nurturing and Inbox Management until leads are ready to get into a meeting
  • Performance based structure, you only pay for confirmed meetings with the decision maker

Referrals on Demand

Experience a new platform by ClientBAM. Join the beta and be among the first people to gain access to our extensive private network.

Request meetings with a growing roster of high-profile executives and decision makers, with a click of the button. You only pay for confirmed meetings, and you'll be referred by someone with a strong relationship to the decision maker. Never be an outsider again.
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The Perfect Match

We use Artificial Intelligence to carefully select the right people to reach out to with low volume, high quality targeting. Leave prospecting to us, and let your salespeople focus on what they do best, sales.

We send magic

We send personalized video messages to prospects, highly customized for each recipient. We only run very low volume, very high quality campaigns.

These are killer conversation starters that are sure to make you stand out, with irresistible value upfront. Because prospects receive a personal video message, there's an instant relationship formed.

Leads come in

We take care of the organization, analytics and scheduling so you can focus on the conversations themselves.

Leads are interested, potential clients. These are people who book a meeting with you and dive directly into the middle of your sales funnel.

Relationships are informed prospects who are interested, but aren't immediately actionable. These are long-term potential clients. Because they have the chance to mature, relationships make for high quality clients when they are ready to move ahead.

Book Meetings, Close Deals

Communicate directly with leads right from your inbox, and use our Deal Predictor to engage deals when they're most mature.

1. Onboarding

For the month of January all new clients start with a 3 Day Free Trial.

Start with a kickoff call directly with our founder, which delves into your company, your product, target market, and unique value prop. We'll zero in on your audience and craft actionable messaging that offers value upfront to get your new leads off on the right foot. Finally, we'll select the right tools for the job (email campaign or personalized video campaign), and introduce you to the Lead Acceleration Platform.

2. Campaign Launch

All campaigns require a great deal of testing, iteration and A|B testing. We'll test the waters with our new messaging, gauge your audience and improve our approach. When you're happy with response and conversion rates, we'll launch your campaign.

3. Daily Leads

Get hot leads and quality relationships delivered right to your inbox and client dashboard. Prioritize the hottest sales-ready leads thanks to our lead scoring system, and foster long-term relationships with our Deal Predictor.

See the magic

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Blake Mahon, Founder at Triarc

Since I started working with Don and his team at Client BAM, we've experienced rates of growth we didn't think were possible. Our agency has doubled last year, and is set to 3x next year. The meetings they put me in have a 30% close rate, and allow me to be very picky and raise prices (I choose who to work with, not the other way around). In fact, I've had to start building out our sales team and expanding geographically just to keep up with the demand.

Clients Say

Tia Einarsen, Co-Founder at KiCK

Working with ClientBAM has been a massive blessing for our business and has allowed us to scale at a much quicker rate than we would have ever expected. Their human approach combined with incredible professionalism makes them an invaluable, enjoyable partner. And that's not easy to find. ClientBAM = 100% recommended.

What clients say

KiCK Global is a digital marketing agency with offices in Barcelona and Chicago. With a focus on the hospitality, fashion, and consumer packages goods, KiCK leveraged clientBAM's lead generation services to build a high quality client base.