Build a system that will last.

The clientBAM Partner Program

If you have a working knowledge of digital marketing and would like to run your campaign yourself, the clientBAM Partner Program is for you. This puts you in the driver's seat with complete, real-time control over your campaign. Our team will introduce you to our suite of tools, teach you how to send and manage emails, provide you with custom video solutions and help you design you a lead generation system that will last the test of time. All lead generation systems need to be flexible and responsive to market conditions. There's simply no better way to do this than giving you control of the steering wheel as we continue to push forward on the backend as the powerful engine behind your growth.

Setup and Learning

Our team will introduce you to our suite of tools and help you set up your Lead Generation ecosystem.

Expert Consulting

Gain access to our 6+ years worth of Lead Generation experience. We build and test your campaigns and hand-off a working system. We then provide ongoing consulting, so we're always on call.

Personal Videos

Building human-to-human relationships is at the heart of what we do, and personal videos are the core of that. We will integrate our technology which will automatically send personalized videos to your prospects.

Flexibility and Reactiveness

The US Military was one of the first fighting forces that encouraged squadron leaders to break with orders in certain situations. This reactiveness allowed them to excel in combat situations where the landscape can rapidly change. The market is not very different. Your customers' needs are constantly evolving, and so should your messaging and approach. Our Partner Program allows you to make instant, tactical shifts while our engines keep turning.

Values &

Direct Access to our Engines

Personalized video messages lies at the core of the value we bring to the table. By training your team how to run everyday tasks, you gain direct access to the core engines of our operation. Our video messages are automatically synced into your campaigns, and you're free to direct and channel that power any way you'd like.

clientBAM Partner Program


One-Time Fee

Full System Set Up

Access to our Suite of Tools

Hands-on Training from our Team

Expert Consulting from our Lead Gen. Veterans

Initial Campaign Set Up with Leads Flowing in

Video Creation from our Team of Actors & Actresses

Ongoing Stream of Personalized Videos Automatically Sent

Personalized and Hands-on Support from our Staff, Monday - Friday